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Newsletter Archives - 2017
On-line Newsletter Editor: Eric Fergusson

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Rob Welsh at PBP 1979: A 5th Canadian Rider at Canada's 1st Paris Brest Paris by Rob Welsh & Eric Fergusson (January)
PBP 2015 - A few links by Eric Fergusson
January Permanent - Sorrento Falkland Kamloops by Bob Goodison
Big Chills, Big Hills, Bighorns And A New Personal Record by Bob Goodison (February)
Tour of Greater Victoria 200 by Michael Tilitzky (April)
Peace Region Populaire 150 by E.W. (Wim) Kok
Tribute to Randy Benz by Bob Goodison
North Shuswap 200 by Bob Goodison
The Incredible Cycling (and Running) Life of Ken Bonner [on] by Ken Bonner (May)
Westside 300 by Bob Goodison
Interlakes 400 by Bob Goodison
Cowichan Populaire 2017 Organizer's Report by Dave Macmurchie (June)
Permanents Waiver Rules Updated by Eric Fergusson
Peace to Parliament Leaves FSJ by Dillon Giancola (Alaska Highway News)
Ride the Heat Wave by Sarah Gallazin
BC Riders at London Edinburgh London by Editor
June Flatlander (Permanent 18) by Karen Smith (July)
Warm Roll (Permanent 145) by Bob Goodison
(Misadventure on the) Peace Summer 200 by E.W.(Wim) Kok
Desperado 200 by Mike Hagen
A Little Bit Of Surface Rust and BTW Have I Still Got The Legs For This? by Barry Monaghan
Pacific Shoreline (Permanent 37) by Stephen Hinde
Tour of Bays 400 by Mark Payten
Redlining the (type 2) fun meter: An account of the Olympic Peninsula 1000 km brevet by Bob Koen (August)
Coombs & Cumberland Explorer: Permanent #143 Report by Stephen Hinde
London Edinburgh London: The full English adventure with extra adventure by Bob Goodison
Total Eclipse at Smith Rock by Bob Koen (September)
Another 'Mis' Adventure - The Northwoods Bound 1000 by Gary Baker
Dam to Dam to Dam 300 by Bob Goodison
Luis Bernhardt, on a Roll by Eric Fergusson
Re-resulting 1200s by Eric Fergusson
Across America: the Trans Am Bike Race by Meaghan Hackinen
Ken Bonner on Cover of American Randonneur [EF]
JuMMp: Another 200 km Alberta Brevet 2017 by E.W.(Wim) Kok (October)
And Herein Lays A Tale . . . by Mike Hagen
(Close to) Car Free 200 - Invitation by John Oswald
(Close to) Car Free 200 - Pre-ride Report by John Oswald
Hardly a Ramble 2 1/2 (permanent) by Bob Goodison
San Francisco Randonneur's Coastal 1000 by Gary Baker
2018 Randonneur Committee by EF
When the Hallucinations Start by Luis Bernhardt (November)
December Permanent by Bob Goodison (December)

2017 Year-end Stats by Eric Fergusson