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Newsletter Archives - 2004
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Editors Lyle Beaulac & Scott Gater
(On-line Newsletter: Eric Fergusson)

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...upon receiving the Roger Street award by Harold Bridge (March)
Will there be a Mystery Rider in the 2004 RM 1200? by Wim Kok
Mystery Rider Demystified by David Cambon
Roger's Memorial Ride and an Outlandish Proposition by Susan Barr
Farmlander 200 by Harold Bridge (April)
Up Country Jaunts and Jolts by Harold Bridge
Further Jaunts and Jolts by Harold Bridge
Taste of Summer by Greg Sneed (May)
Alex Stieda... Harold & Joan by Wim Kok & Harold Bridge
Connections and Coincidences by Harold Bridge
Making a Mountain out of a Molehill by Wim Kok
Black Cat
by Ken Bonner
Benjamin's Toil by Benjamin Lewis
A Different Perspective on Ride Day: Volunteering on the LM 400 by Kevin Bruce
The Wonderful Toil to the Toll by Margaret Elliott
Halfmoan 100 by Melissa Friesen & Scott Gater (June)
Lessons Learned on the Halfmoan Century by Doug Chinnery
A Bit of Everything: a new route for the Island 600 by Kevin Bruce
Lungs for Life by Sarah Tennent
Peace Country Pedal by Danelle Laidlaw
Kamloops 600 Report by Richard Blair
Taming the Squirrel by Eric Fergusson
Heat, Headwinds, and Hills: The Okanagan Loop 2004 by Kevin Bruce
R. P. B.-- A NEW CYCLING HEALTH HAZARD? by Tom Hocking (July)
600 km: Abbotsford to Abbotsford to Abbotsford to Abbotsford by Susan Barr
A fabulous Ride through the Rockies by Bernie Barge (August)
Rocky Mountain 1200 km: A First-timer's Report Or…. A Gourmet's (Gourmand's?) Guide to the Rocky Mountain 1200 km by Susan Barr
My RM1200km Adventure critters included free!!!!!!! by Larry Brenize
Rocky Mountain 1200 Odyssey by Trevor J. Stocki
Deflation: The Case Of The Missing Bicycle Frame Pump by Jack Sharkey (September)
What I Did On My Summer Vacation by Jim Joy
2004 Rocky Mountain 1200K Ride Report by Jeff Bauer
Further Study into RPB (Rando Pattern Balding) by Raymond J. Parker
Rocky 1200 According to Bob by Bob Goodison
In the Shadow: LM Summer 1000 by Kevin Bruce
Subject: Colorado Last Chance 1200 by Ken Bonner
Colorado Last Chance 1200 by Ken Bonner (October)
A Canadian Odd Essay by Harold Bridge (November)
Getting Fixed by Ron Penner (November)
Highwood Fall Classic: A 300 km Brevet in Alberta's Kananaskis Country by Wim Kok
Rocky Mountain 1200: Encore! by Wim Kok (December)
Two New Stories by Charlene by Charlene Barach
2004 Season Review by Eric Fergusson