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Newsletter Archives - 2013
On-line Newsletter Editor: Eric Fergusson

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By the Skin of My Teeth: Fred's Latest Misadventure on a Bike by Fred Rockwell (January)
December Tsunami 307 km by Eric Guillemot
Movement central to ultra-cyclist from Oak Bay News
Ken Bonner's Permanent Sandwich by Eric Fergusson (with text from Ken)
First Permanent by John Thomson
Mountain 12 Challenge by Chris Cullum
Permanent #41 by Graham Fishlock (February)
A Lovely Day for a Ride (Permanent #27) by Guido van Duyn
Permanent #37 Coincidence by Graham Fishlock
Boca Kanner 300 km by Ali and Roger Holt
O & H Starting in the Middle by Guido Van Duyn
Four BC Riders on UMCA Year-rounder List (Editor) (March)
My Desert Winter Training Program by Gary Baker
The Human Psyche, Marrying Mr. Bois, and Keeping it Real - A Chili 200 Report by Lorraine Nyaard
2013 Social Ride - Vancouver Bakeries & Cafés by Deirdre Arscott
Early Bird 200 Pre-ride by Sylvia Lee
New Promotional Poster submitted by Mike Croy
(Closing) Time to Reform by Kevin Bruce
Mike & Brynne Croy Win Roger Street Award by Jim Runkel & Sylvia Lee
Strava from Alex Pope
Randonneur Redemption by Fred Rockwell
Early Bird 200 by Sylvia Lee
BC Randonneurs Win C-KAP's Hewes Award as Top Club (Editor)
2013 Victoria Populaire by John McGillivray
Pacific Shoreline - Permanent #37 Report by John Thomson
The 2012 Rocky Mountain 1200 by Ole Mikkelsen (April)
Nicomen Island Road Repaved content from Alex Pope
Somewhat Familiar 200 Preride Report by Lorriane Nygaard
Coastal Inspiration (Permanent # 97) News by Graham Fishlock
Somewhat Familiar 200 - Organizer's Report by Lorraine Nygaard
A Thank You (Following a Crash at the Pacific Popualire) from John Schwenk & Tim Lee
Oregon Coast 1000 km Brevet Introduction and Description by Bob Koen
The Hills Are Alive 300 Pre-ride / Route Tips by Jim Runkel
A River Runs Through It 200 - Organizers Report by Bob Boonstra
My HAA 300 Pre-ride story ;) by Steve Mahovlic
The Hills Are Alive 300 - Organizers Report by Jim Runkel
Brookmere Pre-ride 300 (Not) With Route Info by Bob Goodison
Warburg 200 (AB) aka the Fas Gas and Milk (crate) Run by Wim Kok (May)
2013 Peace 200km: Signs of Spring (?) by Wim Kok
Brookmere 300 Organizer's Report by Bob Goodison
Coast to Coast 300 Pre-ride Report by Jim Runkel
Highway to Hell 400 Organizer's Report by Mike Croy
Eau de Hell Week - An Invitation by Mike Croy
My Tour of the Cowichan Valley by Rob Scrimgeour
Permanent #97 - Coastal Inspiration by Susan Barr
Coast2Coast - My First 300 by Melissa Haynes
Midway Republic 400 - Organizer's Report by Doug Fox
Midway Republic 400 by Bob Goodison
Eau de Hell Week 2013 by Alex Pope
Eau de Hell Week 2013 - Series Coordinator's Overview by Mike Croy
Robert Lepertel, Architect of the Modern PBP, Dies at 88 by (contributors)
My Hell Week 400 Experience by Gary Baker
CRD Challenge 200 by Steve Mahovlic (June)
Marathon Cycling Returns to Chemainus by Nick Bekolay for the Ladysmith Chronicle
Finishing the BC-12, Marsupial Style by Fred Rockwell
Monashee Miracle 600 - Organizer's Report by Richard Blair
Photo: Chris on Mont Ventoux EF
Maple Falls 200 - Organizer's Report by Keith Fraser
Cowichan Populaire by Dave Macmurchie
Birthday Permanents by Stuart Wood
Peace June 200 by Erik Snucins
Oregon Coast 1000 by Bob Koen
Ridiculous Permanent by Étienne Hossack
My Oregon 1000 Experience by Gary Baker (July)
Southern Interior Make-up Brevets Weekend Info / Primer by Bob Goodison
Triple S 200 Pre-ride by Rick den Braber
Canadian Cycling Magazine on Randonneur Cycling by Dean Campbell
Southern Interior Make-up 600 Pre-ride by Bob Goodison
Triple 'S' Organizer's Report by Gary Baker
Interior Make Up Brevets Organizer's Report by Bob Goodison (August)
Concrete Seahorse 400 Pre-ride - Route Info by Will Danicek
Cascade 1200 - Day 4: All By Myself - Finishing the 2012 Cascade 1200 by John Oswald
London Edinburgh London Results & Photos from Wim Kok, Luis Bernhardt & Ed Person
Ripple Rock Ramble Pre-ride (Island Summer 600) by Jim Runkel
Permanent #30: Tour of Greater Vancouver 205 by Étienne Hossack
Permanent #78: Dunbar to Deroche 200 by Étienne Hossack
Ripple Rock Ramble 600 - Organizer's Report by Jim Runkel
Concrete Seahorse 600 - Organizer's Report by Will Danicek
Whidbey Wanderer 600 Preride Report and Route Info by Alex Pope
London-Edinburgh-London 2013 by Luis Bernhardt
Super Brevet Scandinavia 2013 by Theo Wyne
Dan McGuire's Amazing Journey by Chris Hodgson (September)
Oregon Coast 1000 Day 1: Making it to Montesano by John Oswald
Oregon Coast 1000 Day 2: Late into Lincoln City by John Oswald
Oregon Coast 1000 Day 3: Encountering Eugene by John Oswald
Oregon Coast 1000 Day 4: Epilogue by John Oswald
Granite Anvil 2013 by Bob Koen
Kamloops 6-Pack... 6 Reports by Cheryl Lynch
Fall Flatlander 200: Quick Summary by Alex Pope
Too Stupid to Quit: Colorado Last Chance 1200 by Bob Koen
Gary Sparks... Cover Boy from RUSA (October)
Chilliwack Flatlander Permanent #18 Report by Karen Smith
Vancouver Island Fall Social by Lorraine Nygaard
Bob's Buntzen Burner Permanent #114 Report by Bob Koen
President's Report 2013 by Ryan Golbeck (November)
The Houston 1000 - Oh my! by Gary Baker
Gord Cook Remembered EF
11th Hour 200 by Étienne Hossack
11th Hour 200 Organizer's Report by Tracy Barill
Ocean Park Mission Permanent #80 Report by Étienne Hossack
Nanaimo Country Club Permanent #41 Report by John Thomson
Cycling Legend Jack Eason Dies at 87 by Richard Blair
Road Warrior Ken Bonner hits 200,000 Km by Travis Paterson
December Permanent Permanent #41 Report by Graham Fishlock (December)
Six on #78 Permanent #78 Report by Étienne Hossack
Three on #18 Permanent #18 Report by Michel Richard
Chevron Rando by Craig Premack
On and off the saddle with Gordie by Manfred Kuchenmuller
2013 Season Review by Eric Fergusson