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Newsletter Archives - 2000
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Editor Susan Allen
(On-line Newsletter: Susan Allen)

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President's Corner by Doug Latornell (2000 Newsletter - Issue 5)
Editorial by Susan Allen
2001 Canada Summer Games from Cycling BC
RAAM by Simon Doughty
It's About Time You Got Dressed by Danelle Laidlaw
Volunteers Needed for Canada Day 133 K by Harold Bridge
A Point of Clarification on Rando 500/1000 Medals by Eric Fergusson
Stupidity and Wet Wool by Harold Bridge
Brimstone by Chris Beynon
Tales of the Unprepared (or: Knowing When to Quit) by Lyle Beaulac
Is D'arcy Another Word For Hell? Not At All by Danelle Laidlaw
North Van, Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, D'Arcy and back,400km ride, May 27, 2000 by Val White
So what happened? - a 600 odyssey by Danelle Laidlaw
Tim Pollock/Triple Mountain/Grouse Grind Challenge by Danelle Laidlaw
This Weekend's 600 and Commentary by Harold Bridge (and his English Corresponent, Alan Kennedy)
Report on the 300K and 400K Brevets in the Peace Region by Wim Kok
Island 300-April 22: Granny gears + duct tape + dog biscuits = Success! by Mike Poplawski
Island 400-May 13: Thus Rode Zarathustra by Mike Poplawski
Island 200-April 1: Tour of the Cowichan Valley by Mike Poplawski
600 in 24: Kamloops to Valemount & Back by Raymond Wagner
Take It To The Limit: Enumclaw 600, June 1999 by Eric Fergusson
The Night of a Thousand Icy Raindrops: My Heroic Fleche Ride with Team Time Trial (a.k.a. 'Quads') through Some Very Poor Weather in Some Very Uncomfortable Lycra by Eric Fergusson
Sun Shines On The Righteous by Harold Bridge
Peace Region Y2K Summer Solstice 600 Km Brevet [read 622 km] by Wim Kok
2000 Km Brevet In 2000 (a.k.a. 2K-Y2K) by Real Prefontaine (2000 Newsletter - Issue 6)
The B.C. 2000 in A.D. 2000: A Scots Randonneur braves the bears and cyclists of Western Canada by McNasty (George Berwick) (Note: elsewhere on web site - i.e. not in newsletter)
1400km and 800km Randonnees 21-26 July 2001 in Britain by Sheila Simpson
First Annual Bicycle Swap Meet by David Poon
Breaking with Tradition by Harold Bridge
Donna und Blitzen 300 by Harold Bridge
From the Ashes of a 1/3x1200 by Ian Stephen
Tim Pollock on the Big Ride by Rita Pollock
Tim Finishes by Rita Pollock
Busy in the Rockies by Harold Bridge
2000 Finish Bike Ride Across America submitted by Rita Pollock
A Mari Usque Ad Mare - 7433.5 Km by Roger Street
STRUGGLIN' - a Profile of Jack Eason by Tim Wainwright
An Old Dog Re-Learns Old Tricks by Harold Bridge
Observations on Randonneuring by Wim Kok
Pacelining For Dummies by Tom Hocking
Madam Prez Says by Danelle Laidlaw (2000 Newsletter - Issue 7)
Thanks for helping with the Rocky Mountain 1200, 2000 by Danelle Laidlaw
Cycling through Winter by Bruce Mol
The Witches Bike Swap and Races by Claire Bonin
Newsletter Changes by Susan Allen
2001 Schedule
Pin Designs Requested by Susan Allen
Year 2000 Awards and Statistics by Susan Allen
Clothing for Sale by Danelle Laidlaw
Personal Security by Ian Stephen
Make Up 400, 300, 200 - August 26, 2000 by Danelle Laidlaw
Flatlander does it again by Danelle Laidlaw
Where was everyone? Cariboo 200 by Danelle Laidlaw
Extreme(lyEmbarrassing) by Eric Fergusson
Quiche Populaire [75k] and Quiche Century Ride [160 km] by Wim Kok
Caloric Expenditure When Cycling provided by Wim Kok
Of Bears and Bikers: Personal Memories of Rocky Mountain 1200 in July 2000 by Hubertus H...
Old Roads And New by Harold Bridge
2K in Y2K Unescorted by Dick Nicholls
2000 Season in Review by Eric Fergusson


The Material on these pages is taken from Editor Susan Allen's BC Randonneur newsletter pages 2000-2003
(Still on-line. Wait, no... gone in 2023)