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Flatlander does it again

Danelle Laidlaw


Hey, wasn't that another great day for the Flatlander? We usually have good weather for that ride and this year was no exception. And, there was a good turn-out for it too. And as is usually the case, there were a few new faces. The Flatlander is good for bringing out new people - the name is perfect, the weather is usually good, and it is the end of the season, so people feel they might actually be able to do the distance. And they do!

It was good to see Michel Richard, Val White, and Bob Bailey out again after their respective accidents. Larry Voth is not yet back on the bike but recovering well. You just can't keep good randos down - thank goodness.

I think Tim has almost done it - he has found an almost hill-less route for the Flatlander. And just to keep everyone on their toes, each year he has some little change to make sure everyone is paying attention - and of course, they aren't. But everyone figures it out and gets on the right track eventually.

The crowds hanging out at the Fort Langley pub at the end of the ride were a testament to the fact that everyone had a good time. This ride is a superb wind up to the season and is fast becoming a tradition, if not a challenge - right Dick?