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Newsletter Archives - 2021
On-line Newsletter Editor: Eric Fergusson

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2020 AGM President's Report by Colin Fingler (January)
2021 Randonneur Committee & Club Executive by Eric Fergusson
Dan McGuire's Zoom Memorial by Eric Fergusson
Dan and Friends - Vintage Photo from June Gallagher (February)
Randonneurs Ontario Virtual Symposium from Bob Macleod
BC Randonneurs News & Information Up-date from BC Randonneurs Directors
2020 Awards (Not Given at the Spring Social) by Eric Fergusson (March)
The 2020 Roger Street Award Goes to Colin Fingler by Dave Macmurchie
Murray's Sidney Veloce 300 by Murray Tough (June)
Back in the Saddle... (Permanent #18) by Karen Smith (July)
Mike's Crazy Ride by Mike Hagen
Tour of the Bays by Murray Tough
Bicycle Film Festival by BFF Vancouver
A Ferry Sails Through by Murray Tough (August)
Tsawwassen Tsawwassen Tsawwassen 600 by Murray Tough
August Flatlander (Permanent #18) by Karen Smith
Sidney Lento 300 by Murray Tough
Parallels with Latitude 400 by Rob Nygren
Exploratoria 200 - Info following the pre-ride by Holland Gidney (September)
Extreme Conditions by Mike Hagen
Seymour 200 - The Training Ride by Alard Malek
Chase Kootenay 1000 by Bob Goodison
Remembering Wayne Phillips assembled by Eric Fergusson
Loopy Lower Mainland 1000 by Mike Hagen
Dry Desperado (Permanent #154) by Mike Hagen (October)
Gorgeous Flatlander (Permanent #18) by Karen Smith
Announcing the Van Isle 1000: The Bridges and Ferry Tour by Gord Litster (November)
DNF on P#148 @ 166 km by Barry Monaghan
Seven Bridges (Permanent 142) by Mike Hagen
Chilliwack Flood Route 200 by Karen Smith (December)
Chilliwack Flood Route 200 by Colin Fingler
Permanent Stats 2021 by Eric Fergusson
2021 Season Stats by Eric Fergusson