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Back In The Saddle!
Permanent Brevet #18
Ride Date: June 30, 2021
by Karen Smith

Permanent #18 with a Chilliwack start
June 30, 2021
11 hrs 8 min

I didn’t start until 2 pm. I wasn’t sure if I was going to ride or not, and I had a telephone appt with my doctor in the morning.
So, by the time I decided to go, and then get ready, and renew my membership and get someone to sign my waiver, and send it off to Eric, it was 2:00.
Since it's summer, the days are long but I would still have some riding in the dark… which seemed strange for a summer 200.

Sometimes it takes a village...
I had trouble renewing my membership but fellow Randonneur Stephen Hinde helped me. Thank you Stephen!
I had to text a neighbour and get him to sign my waiver: "You’re doing What?” Merci Robert!
I had so many last minute “What IF” questions to Eric, regarding Permanent Rules, Covid Months, etc. Thanks Eric!
As I get older, I am more nervous about riding in the dark by myself. Michel met me at 2145 hrs at Yellow Barn (well the new Chevon across the street) and rode to the finish with me. He knew I would have 3 hrs of darkness left. Merci Michel!
He rode mostly behind me, or beside me when possible, so I didn’t draft off of him. : )

It was hot (28 C) and windy (WSW) at the start. The wind sure slowed me down on my way to Fort Langley. After that, I kept thinking that now I would get tail winds.
I did have some but it really seemed that I got a lot of crosswinds. Especially after Yellow Barn.

On River Rd, going into Ft Langley, a white pickup, slowed down beside me. That was my first clue. Then he Coal Rolled me! Can I use that as a verb?
You know, he sprayed me with a cloud of black smoke.
The act of purposefully blowing black smoke from a modified diesel vehicle is called Rolling Coal.
I only recently heard the term. It was highlighted on the TV News a week or two ago. It’s been years since I’ve experienced it. Maybe it’s becoming more of a thing.
I hear that electric vehicles are now targets too.

No mechanicals. No flats.
We had some rain in the last few km of the ride.
First 200 km since December! Back in the saddle...

: )

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July 5, 2021