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1400km and 800km Randonnees 21-26 July 2001 in Britain

Sheila Simpson


1. Thorne, near Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England.
2. Harlow (near London).

Start time: 10:00 21st July.

Accommodation: free bunks or blankets at approx 11 controls. Feeding: at cost AUK catering at approx 12 controls, commercial at approx 10.

Terrain/Scenery: The northern 800 km is predominantly pastureland; initially flat fenland, slightly rolling through North Yorkshire, and then climbing over the Pennine moorlands to the Scottish border. From here there are gradual ascents across Southern Scotland through the picturesque Eskdalemuir and Ettrick Forests and over the Moorfoot Hills to Edinburgh. The southern 600 km is flat and rolling pasture and arable farmland.

Access to the Thorne start
Manchester Airport 110 km, Hull ferry 60 km, Trains 2 km.
Simple floor accommodation, showers, at the Thorne Rugby Club start
Further accommodation near the start can be accessed from: or by sending for the Doncaster Area Accommodation List from: Doncaster Tourist Information Centre, Waterdale, Doncaster DN1 3JE

Access to the Harlow start
London Stanstead Airport 20 km, London Heathrow Airport 60 km,
London Gatwick Airport 86 km,
Harwich ferry 94 km, Dover Ferry 130 km,
Ramsgate Ferry (Sally Line from Dunkurque) 138 km
Trains (Great Northern & East Anglian Co, 08457 818919) 4 km
(no cycles carried in and out of the London, Liverpool Street Station, during rush hours)

Accommodation at the Youth Hostel start.
Hotel and Bed and Breakfast accommodation list from the organiser or from (includes town maps, cycle routes)


The usual Randonneurs Mondiaux regulations apply.
The full 1400km event will run with a minimum average overall speed of 12kph.
The 800km supporting event will be run at 13.3kph.

Mudguards are required, tri-bars (aero-bars) are allowed.
There are no qualifications required to enter or restrictions on age, although the organiser reserves the right to refuse the entry of unaccompanied juniors.


Organiser: Bernard Mawson, 64 Arklow Road, Doncaster DN2 5LD, England email:

Entry fee: £50 (800 km £35) with an Audax UK Entry Form and 2 passport- sized photos