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Susan Allen


This newsletter is the fifth published under my editorship. Thank you for all the great submissions, Keep them coming!

I believe I have smoothed-out most of the process of generating the newsletter.I am producing two versions of the newsletter: a paper version and an electronic version. If you have web access and an email account I would encourage you to consider the electronic version. If you switch to the electronic version you will receive an email when each issue is ready. The email includes the data report as an attachment. I admit that the major beneficiary of more electronic subscribers is I. It's fewer newsletters to fold and stuff (or staple). If you would like to switch to the electronic version: 1) go to the web page and download this newsletter. Check that you can read/print it. And 2) send me an email at .

If you are on the web and want something to read remember that all the stories go up on the web as they are received.