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Breaking with Tradition

Harold Bridge


Over the past decade or so it has become a habit for me to organise the AGM and social at the Bedford House, usually at the end of Sept. This year, as you will know if you read your green brochure, the date for 2000 is October 1. I shall be in Britain at that time, after riding the "Randonnee Of The Mountain of Reims" in Northern France the weekend of Sept 23/24.

Judy Morrison has gallantly stepped in to take over the job of refining the numbers to a better level than the "50 to 80" I used when I booked the date. She is a busy girl, so don't wait for her call, you call her & tell her you intend to be there. The price is $18.00 per head with the treasury picking up the balance of the quoted price that includes tax & graturity.

The regular routine will prevail I expect: Meet in Marina Park (east of the Bedford House) at 09:30 for a 10:00 start to the morning ride. Maps will be available showing a variety of distances to ride. And youall will be back in time for the buffet just after 13:00.

After the eats there will be a brief business meeting to applaud the new committee & probably the distribution of awards. Enjoy! People usually do.