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Madame Prez Says

Danelle Laidlaw


Didn't we just luck out with the weather for the AGM ride again this year? If you weren't there, you missed a great ride and as always, a great lunch. Thanks to Jude Morrison for organizing the event. And thanks to Harold Bridge for recruiting Jude when he decided to extend his rando season in Europe this fall. Doug Latornell finished off a productive year by orchestrating a smoothly run AGM. After the fun of giving out awards, and certificates, and making presentations, Doug presided over the elections. We are welcoming Ian Stephen to the position of Vice-President. Already he is proving to be a match for the position. Roger Street is staying on a Treasurer, and Larry Wasik will continue to carry out the duties of Club Secretary (yes!). Thanks to Doug and congratulations to Ian, Roger, and Larry.

So, if you think you can rest on your laurels until April, it is going to be tough with all these keeners around. Karen Smith is once again organizing Spin Classes every Friday evening at Cameron Recreation Centre - 7:30 p.m. Call her at 732-0212 to book a bike. Bob Marsh (467-7065) is encouraging everyone to do weekly rides starting from Fort Langley at 9 a.m. on Sunday mornings. The route and distance will vary (he is hoping to use some of these rides as research for his new job - short ride co-ordinator) but the ride goes rain or shine.

The new roster of event organizers has been filled for this year (thanks to all who volunteered), but these organizers will need volunteers to staff controls and to help with registration. If you are able to help, please call the organizer or John Bates at 856-5818 to offer assistance. Watch for some new routes and the return of some of your favourites.

I am going to be organizing the Populaire with Sharon Street. I know it's early yet, but as someone reminded me recently, it is less than 6 months away. If you can help, give me a call (737-0043 or 1-877-606-2453)

Thanks goodness that there are so many good people around who are willing to make this club so great - all I have to do as Prez is sit back and collect pins - right, Wayne? See you on the road.

John Bates and Danelle Laidlaw (photo: B. Marsh)