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Re-resulting 1200s
by Eric Fergusson

I'm always interested in the cycling adventures that other BC riders are diving into, especially the ultra-distance brevets. Part of the process for me is studying the results lists following the events. Unfortunately results lists is something that our sport does very poorly. The results are often left in the large rider tracker files. There's lots of detailed information (control passage timing, etc), but I want to know other stuff, like where the riders are from, or who they were riding with, weather they have they done the event before, what sort of bike they were riding, etc.

Out of frustration (and also because it's kind of fun) I've gotten into the habit of putting the results from a select group of ultra-distance brevets (the one's ridden by my friends) into Excel files and then filling out the results. It's the sort of thing I do for our own 1200s - Rocky and VanIsle - and for the Paris Brest Paris results in the PBP section of our web site. The PBP results have historically been among the most visited pages on our web site.

The 2017 Granite Anvil 1200 is the most recent official results list leaving me shaking my head, so I recently updated my Granite Anvil results Excel file. Here is the link to my Granite Anvil results archive along with the other two rides I watch most closely - Cascade and Gold Rush:

Granite Anvil 1200 Results Archive ( 2009, 2013, 2017)

Gold Rush Randonnée 1200 Results Archive (2001, 2005, 2009, 2013, 2017)

Cascade 1200/1240 Results Archive (2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016)

Additional: I learned that Gary Sparks had ridden the 1000 organized by Randonneurs Nova Scotia this summer. Luis Bernhardt had ridden this ride last year. I decided to go looking for the results for both these rides only to learn that Randonneurs Nova Scotia doesn't list results of any kind. At least I couldn't find them on their web site. Not even finishers lists. Am I the only person curious about the results of these major accomplishments by my fellow randonneurs?

But it's not all chaos out there. The Colorado Last Chance 1200 provide creditable results lists. You can't reorder the lists by time, but you do get a clearer picture of the event and the riders. And by the way, the 2017 version of this event has just finished and you can clearly see on the results page that all four BC Randonneurs finished. Congratulations to Will Danicek, Ron Himschoot, Bob Koen and Paul van Wersh!



September 13, 2017