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January Permanent - Sorrento Falkland Kamloops
Ride Date: January 28, 2017 - 207 km
by Bob Goodison

Bob did a permanent in the interior in January. Brrr. He stayed upright ! I asked him if I could put this brief account in the newsletter. He said yes. [EF]

Permanent # 51 done. Wow. A 200 that I have done so many times that I tend to take it for granted became the toughest 200 I've ever done. Good road conditions, so I could have left the studded tires at home, but I didn't want a repeat of my December crash. Headwinds caused the last 65 km to take four hours. I did have an impressive tailwind from Falkland to Westwold. Ever since the 2012 Rocky I can't pass the Westwold Legion without wanting potato soup. I forgot to charge my camera, so it was just extra ballast, and I didn't get pictures of the small colourful city of ice fishing huts on Monte Lake or the spectacular sunset behind me over Little Shuswap Lake. Total time 10:25, with only about 1/2 hour off the bike. Hope you got in a good ride.

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January 31, 2017