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June Flatlander
Permanent Brevet #18: "Fraser Valley Flatlander", 202 km Ride Date: June 29, 2017
by Karen Smith

I rode Permanent #18 on June 29.

203 km
10 hr 11 minutes
I am good with that. I rode solo.

It was hot!
I had some interesting times with some cows.
On Wells Line Rd, I came upon some cows (about 25 or 30) hanging out in the shade of a large tree.
But I must have spooked them because as I passed, they turned in groups of four, and ran away.
It’s not too often you get to see cows run!
And it was like it was orchestrated, they were in unison, and almost dancing. Think the RCMP’s Musical Ride, but these were cows…!
Then at Birchwood Dairy, I went to check out some calves in the pen. As soon as I went up to the fence, they turned and ran, yes they ran, away.
I don’t know, something I said….?

When I turned onto Whatcom from Vye, I had a large black dog run out onto the road in front of me and didn’t let me pass.
He forced me to stop. Every time I tried to start again, he lunged at me, barking and lunging. Yikes!
Finally a neighbour sent his small dog out to the road and that small dog shepherded the large dog off the road and back onto its property.

It seemed I had wind from all sorts of directions on my way to Ft Langley, sometimes tail, sometimes cross and often headwinds.
I had a really nice tailwind on South Parallel.
When I turned west at Popkum to head home, I got a strong headwind and the sun in my face! So the last hour was tough!

No flats, no mechanicals.
Started in 12 degrees and it reached 27. Seemed hotter…
Traffic was not bad.

: )

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July 5, 2017