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Warm Roll
Permanent Brevet #145: "Roll UpYer Sleeves", 202 km Ride Date: July 8, 2017
by Bob Goodison

Hi Eric and Bob. Here's my control card and some photos from the Roll Up Yer Sleeves permanent. It was easier than I expected, except for the last 40 or so km after it got hot. Lots of climbing- Strava says 2383 m. Included 89 km of gravel, most of which was in really good shape except for bad washboard where the grade was more than 10 %- up or down. I briefly saw 15% grade on the Garmin on one climb. The entire road had been treated for dust suppression. I started at 05:00 to beat the heat and at least some of the North Shuswap summer traffic. Worked well, except for the aforementioned last 40 km. Used 2 bottles to the turnaround, 6 on the return, then a V8 chased by a beer up upon arrival at home. Had a good day, may consider this for a fall 200 next year. I would have to make sure people know what to expect. I wouldn't want to do it on less than 32 mm tires. It could be done, but it would take most of the fun out of it.
Thanks, Bob

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July 10, 2017