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Tour of Bays 400
Ride Date: July 22, 2017
by Mark Payten

On ride day, the three ride volunteers and three riders gathered at the Tim Horton’s on Deloume Rd in Mill Bay well prior to the event start. Mark Payten, Dave White and Buddy Bhandar took the waivers and went over the pre-event explanations with Barry Chase, David Lach and Gary Baker.

Promptly at 0500 the participants were underway. Although the forecast had called for a mix of sun and clouds and highs in the low 20’s Celsius, there was a light mist descending from the heavens. Fortunately, the temperature was pleasant and the misting stopped later that morning. Buddy remained at the start in case of any late arrivals. Mark and Dave drove out to the first control for photo opportunities.

The four photos above are at the start, by the control on Mountain Rd and crossing the Koksilah River on the road of the identical name.

The three riders remained together for the entire ride and completed the event at 0603PDT on July 23rd for a time of 25hrs and 3min. Feedback on the new route indicated that it was a scenic ride on roads less traveled. All three riders also commented there were more than a few hills on this ride.


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July 30, 2017