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A Beautiful Summer Ride
Miss Golden Pitt 200
Ride date: August 3, 2019
by Jaime Guzman

I wouldn’t call it easy. It’s never easy to pull your way on a bike thru 200Km. But the 2019 Miss Golden Pitt Ride was enjoyable and everything worked as it was supposed to. The weather was sunny and warm as summers ought to be. Everything in my bike worked as it was supposed to. Everything in my body worked as it was supposed to. And, I got to say hello and ride with many old friends from the BC Randonneurs.

The ride was challenging enough with the rollers on Dewdney trunk road (I swear we turned onto Dewdney-something-road no less than a dozen times), the ups and downs on Golden Ears as we found our way to Alouette Lake and the rattle-your-teeth jaunt to Pitt Lake, topped up by the good old Barnett Highway near the end.

As usual riders arrived at the finish in groups: The Fast and the Furious (what-else-is-new Nigel, Chris, Mike and Michel), The I Don’t Know How Susan Managed to Stay with These Guys (Susan, Dave and Russel), Yours Truly (Anna, Colin and Jaime), and Assorted Characters (Ron, Barry, Eric, Taylor), with our Proud and Pride Ziggy bringing in the Lantern Rouge, for a 100% finishing rate!

A big thank you to Deirdre and her devoted group of volunteers for a full 5-pack of rides over the August long weekend and good luck to all the PBP BC riders. May the force be with you.

Enjoy the ride. Never quit.


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August 8, 2019