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Last Training Ride
Permanent Brevet #51 "Sorrento - Falkland - Kamloops" 206 km
Ride date: August 4, 2019
by Bob Goodison

Last long training ride before PBP, so I wanted to see what I had. A boring route I have done too often. I took liberties with the route to avoid some of Hwy 1, especially a narrow bridge, and in the process managed to add some short, steep PBP-style hills, but it did not alter the distance. Sometime I will alter the route sheet and make what I did today the official route. Minor headwind on 97 from Salmon River to Barnhartvale, then was rewarded with a tailwind from Kamloops to Sorrento. Very briefly rode with Ian Fillinger on Barnhartvale, then he was gone. Came within 7 minutes of my best official 200 km time, so I was pretty happy with that.


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August 8, 2019