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A first (for me) BC12 finished
by Stephen Hinde

In 2015, I was motivated to finish my 40k km award. While I was all excited to do that, I decided it was time to try a permanent (I hadn’t been involved in the program prior to this) and then get my BC12. So I started in March 2016. At the end of October that year, my mother died, just 2 days before a cycling vacation (for us) to Hawaii. So we delayed the trip to the last half of November, and as I didn’t have a November ride, I decided to do it in Hawaii. Which I did on the last day of the month on the Ironman course. The next day, first of December, I could have done the course again to get my December ride, but I decided to do it at home—after all, early December still has ice-free riding. When we exited the arrivals doors at YVR (about noon, Dec 5) there was 10cm of snow on the ground, and still snowing. We waited as long as possible for the snow to melt, and on the last day of the year Carol and I tried to do a permanent around the Saanich peninsula. After carefully navigating ice all day, we abandoned at 100km when I realized we would be riding the last 60km in the dark. So ended my 2016 bid for glory.

I started my series again in March 2017, and even organized Canada’s first (and only) December brevet so that I could get my ride. That was a very successful event, but there was ice for the first few hours. January, I did a permanent on the same course, again riding around ice for the morning. So with only one ride to go, I started my February ride on the last day of the month (I had been waiting for the snow to melt, and my previous attempt was abandoned at the start line—in the middle of a sleet blizzard. That ride ended at 100km (the full story can be found in the Newsletter (Stormy Sojourns, March 2018), so my series was only 11 1/2 rides.

In 2018 we had a big trip to Europe, so I didn’t seriously start my 2018 series until our return in August. All went well for my series, including a cold and icy January 2019 ride. With past experience with bad weather in February, we decided to drive down to Palm Desert, where I completed the Palms to Bombay permanent with Rob Nygren (who was on an annual vacation, and who planted the idea of a California ride). Our normal brevets started again in March, so I’ve been doing brevets since then. And today, I completed the Richardson Ramble 200 around the Saanich Peninsula, under perfect weather (mildly warm, clear skies, little wind). I’ve finally finished my first BC12! And it feels great! And I’ll keep going, but with no pressure to ride in icy conditions.

The BC12 award has kept me amused and involved for 3 1/3 years. I’ve done rides I wouldn’t have dreamed of previously (Hawaii, California). I’ve rediscovered the joy of riding in torrential rain, sub-zero cold, howling gales, and sunny skies. Thanks to the visionaries in the club (Tracy Baril, Bob Koen) who set up the program, and to Eric Fergusson for all the work managing the program today. If you haven’t considered this wonderful award, it’s not too late to start.

My qualifying rides:

No.  Month  Date  Event                          In BC?

1   Aug-18  18th  Big Ring 600	
2   Sep-18  15th  Fall Islander 200	
3   Oct-18  13th  AGM 200	
4   Nov-18  11th  Armistice Day 200	
5   Dec-18   2nd  P172 Salish Sea Sojourn 200	
6   Jan-19  20th  P172 Salish Sea Sojourn 200	
7   Feb-19  27th  P23 Palm Springs to Bombay 200   No
8   Mar-19   9th  Chili 200	
9   Apr-19   6th  Tour of Victoria 200	
10  May-19   4th  Hindesight Trace 200	
11  Jun-19   8th  SRW 600	
12  Jul-19  20th  Richardson Ramble 200

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July 22, 2019