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Stormy Sojourns
Non-results on Salish Sea Sojourn 200 (Permanent #172)
Ride dates: February 27 & 28, 2018
by Stephen Hinde

Stephen agreed to let me put his checking-in e mail into the newsletter. Stephen was one of seven riders who faced down the late February ice and snow attempting to claim their February permanents. Still other riders submitted waivers, but (wisely) did not ride. There was just enough of an opening for the six mainland riders to post successful completions, but it was rougher on the Island... [EF]

Well, I went out on Tuesday. It was quite nice in Nanaimo, but by Qualicum, the flags were stiff and in my face. The rain was heavy and had some sleet mixed in. It was dark up the strait and the front was moving south. I gave it a half hour, then gave up. After all, it couldn’t be any worse tomorrow, and it might be better…

So today I started again. It was quite nice in Qualicum, warm (over 4 deg) and a moderate tail wind. After fixing a flat at 25km (very hard to find the flint in the tire) I was a little chilled so I put on my raincoat—just to warm up. Soon it rained, but not a lot. Then leaving Courtenay squalls started. For one or two minutes, the wind would be intense, the rain heavy, then it would go back to drizzle and light tail wind. Black Creek marked another change—boughs over the road, and a roaring in the tree tops. The last 5 km to the control are flat, and I didn’t pedal—the wind pushed me along at 25kph with some gusts accelerating me to 30. I knew I was in for a hard ride back. I left the control watching trees bend in half in the parking lot, and yes, the wind was in my face. It took me 40 minutes to go 5km. I was blown into the ditch 3 times, and blown to a complete stop twice. Traffic was heavy, and I had a couple of dicey moments. I was stopped deciding if I would turn back to the control and call Carol to rescue me, when a passing pickup stopped, told me I was an idiot that it wasn’t safe, and offered to drive me anywhere. He took me home where his wife gave me homemade blueberry pie and tea. He gave me dry socks, and then drove me back to Qualicum. And he wouldn't let me pay for the gas. Obviously I will be following up…

So my current bid for a BC12 comes to an end. As I’m away for most of the summer, I’ll start again in September. I hope you attempt fared better.



March 3, 2018