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"Glorious Day"
Permanent Brevet #18 "Fraser Valley Flatlander" (Chilliwack start)

Ride date: March 18, 2019
by Karen Smith

March 18
203 km
10 hrs 55 min

It was a GORGEOUS day! And I was finally able to ride with Gary again. : )
We started in 10 degrees (WOW!) and it went up to 23. That felt very hot! We didn’t have any time to get used to the warmer weather and we were both over heating. It was windy too, but not too bad.

Traffic was pretty light.
We had no flats and no mechanicals.

We saw 12 eagles, 4 deer and at least 4 flocks of Trumpeter Swans.
It was a STINKY day, and we saw many farmers spraying their fields with liquid manure.
A great day to be on the bike, despite the smell.

: )

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March 29, 2019