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Early Bird 200... Saint Patrick's Day and a New Goal
Ride date: March 16, 2019
by Jamie Guzman

Spring is here!!! Spring is here!!!

I heard that loud and clear during the Early Bird 200K brevet on Saturday and even louder on Sunday when there were lots of kids playing on t-shirts on Saint Patrick’s Day. I vividly remember dozens of 4-year-olds learning to play soccer in West Vancouver as we cycled by on our way from Whytecliff Park.

It was really nice to be back randonneuring on such a beautiful day with great weather, great company, and stellar support organized by David and Paul. I ended up riding most of the way with three very experienced lady randonneurs (I should probably say randonneuse, see picture). This was my test ride to see if my winter training paid out, I guess 200K under 10 hours at the beginning of the season is not bad.

I have only been in a few brevets in the last couple of years but this year I have a new motivating goal. No, it is not PBP, as you may be thinking. I got a brief attack of insanity and signed up for a crazy “Tour of Southern BC” from Lake Louise to Vancouver at the end of April!

This is all for a very good cause close to my heart, children with arthritis and the research that can lead to full control of the disease and improved quality of life. The ride is organized by a charity called Cassie & Friends and details of the ride are here:!/events/ucanride4kids

I will be riding about 200K a day for a week across the Rockies and the Kokanees, and I hope those mountain passes do not dish treacherous weather. Wish me luck the next time you see me on the road.

Enjoy the Ride. Never Quit.

Early Bird 200 finish at Portland Craft
Dave King, Susan Barr, Cheryl Lynch, Anna Bonga & Jaime Guzman

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March 22, 2019