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Tour DeMilles 200 Report
Ride date: September 26, 2015
by Bob Goodison

The morning was cool and overcast, gradually clearing and warming up. There were some headwinds from St. Annes Road to Falkland, but the reward was a great tailwind from Falkland to Salmon River Road. A brief storm blew through in the afternoon. Depending on where they were at the time, some riders experienced a soaking, some a few drops of rain, and some none at all. All riders enjoyed the route, which had between 1400 and 1500m of elevation gain. There were a few suggestions for improvements, mostly clarification of turns to ease navigation. This will likely be the route for the spring 200 in 2016. Congratulations to all, especially first time randonneurs Ian Harding and Fred Menu.


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September 27, 2015