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Alice Lake Control, 81 km
Photos: Deirdre Arscott & Bob LePage

Suddenly Seymour 200 Ride Report
Ride date June 13, 2015
by Deirdre Arscott & Bob LePage

26 riders set out from Moja Cafe (tasty baked goods) into perfect weather conditions. Susan Barr kindly offered to handle any late starters as we rushed off in attempt to make it to the first control at Alice Lake before the first cyclists arrived. Soon after our hearts began to pound as we heard sirens and we were forced to stop due to an accident on the Sea to Sky. We were too far back to see if any cyclists were involved and it was an anxious 15 minutes before we rolled past a minivan that was on its side and facing backwards. Dug Andrusiek had a much closer view of what happened. He said that the driver, and emergency room nurse returning home from night shift, probably fell asleep at the wheel. She avoided Dug by putting her vehicle in the ditch. No injuries (PHEW!). It was so close that Dug's bicycle was covered with engine oil. Dug, a former paramedic, helped the woman out of her van. To quote Dug "I gave her a hug and thanked her for not hitting me". We calmed down and arrived at Alice Lake minutes before Nigel Press.

More photos from Alice Lake

Thank you to Vanessa Cowley (Harold Bridge's daughter) and her children, Morgan and Spencer for staffing the Cleveland Dam control.

Congratulations to Linnaea Kershaw, Meghan Deutscher, Graeme Rittinger on their first brevets. Alastair Miatt who has completed 8 super randonneurs in the UK completed his first Canadian brevet after moving here last year. Despite the hills and three "off road" sections everyone enjoyed the route. Nearly all the riders relaxed with refreshments on the balcony of Zawa Cafe. It was a lovely place to finish. Thanks to Kevin Bruce for suggesting it and for his other tips on this route.

Vancouver finish at Zawa's on Commerical

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June 14, 2015