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Photo: Jim Runkel

Four IsleLander Reports
Vancouver Island's Fall IsleLander 200, September 23, on the "Somewhat Familiar" Route
by Lorraine Nygaard, Mike Croy, Jim Runkel and Mikael Jansson

Here are four short reports from the 200. A longer fifth report by Mark Shepard is on the next newsletter page. EF

Lorraine's Organizer's Report:

Special thanks to Brynne Croy, Steve Mahovlic, and Dave Macmurchie for coming out to the start and for staffing the controls. Thanks to Melissa for her famous brownies for the secret control, to Mike and Steven Croy for staffing a spot on the volunteer pre-ride, and Dave for the excellent Kangaroo Road sign.

Bernie Pauly that DNF'd at 100+ kilometres had doubled her previous riding experience, so congratulations on a very successful ride. Annika Benoit-Jansson might be the youngest female to complete a 200, at just 19 years old. We had other new riders, including Brooke Bontegelok, David Livingstone, and Mark Shepard. I had a great time hosting, and appreciated getting to know everyone just a little bit more, seeing many wonderful bikes, and getting inspired. Congratulations one and all.

Mike's IsleLander:

On Sunday September 23rd I set out on another 200 km randonnée with many other randonneurs including some new rookie’s riding their first brevet. The morning started off a little on the cool side of thing’s but with it being the second day of fall it was to be expected. I have to say that almost everything about this ride for me was “just right” The route was a nice mixture of familiar roads I have travelled many times before but still provided pleasant scenery, especially with the changing season into fall the landscapes provided us with many picturesque views constantly.

The company I ended up riding with was also “just right” as I was able to ride with someextremely experienced anciens Jim Runkel, Phillip Lennoxand Noel Howes company from startto finish was fabulous especially as everyone’s pace was fairly well matched for the day and the four us were able to have conversations while riding through out the entire route.

The food stops along the ride for our little foursome were “just right” as the controls were placed very nicely along the route and well staffed by enthusiastic volunteers. At the kemp lake store we were given a recommendation to push onto Sooke and have a stop at the Alternative Kitchen Café, this recommendation was spot on and we all enjoyed a wonderful sit down meal while sharing funny stories about randonneuring and suffering on rides. If your in Sooke and hungry I would highly recommend paying this establishment a visit.

After we left Sooke we were well fed for the last 40 km’s back to Victoria and the finish control. To our delight we had a tail wind that pushed all the way back to Victoria. Once we reached Lorraines house we were greeted by our enthusiastic host and Luke Galley, we then did all the important paper work and enjoyed some delicious home made apple pie and ice cream. All in all I really could not asked for a better day on the bike with great company on a beautiful warm, sunny fall day.

Jim's IsleLander:

Lorraine, Brynne,Steve and Dave, did a fantastic job of running this brevet. The route covered some familiar roads as Mike and I joked about, but the combination of these was new and that made it fun. We enjoyed amazing fall weather and the day was moderate and warm from about 10a onward. The usual cool west coast winds around Sooke were non-existent. Lorraine did such a great job and topped it off with amazing PIE at the end. Groups formed and fast riders took it turned out 4 of us ended up riding together. We linked up with Noel, from Seattle, on Lochside and we all rode together for the duration. The best surprise was the food at the "Alternative Kitchen Cafe" in Sooke. Dave's friend at the Kemp Lake control gave us the tip and it was amazing.

So a fantastic day, with a great turn out. It was nice to see some friendly faces from the Mainland, and meet some new riders too. Thanks to Mike, Noel and Philip for making this ride so enjoyable.

Mikael's IsleLander:

Bernie, Cecilia, Annika and I had a wonderful ride on Sunday. Seeking to get full value for the cost of the ride, we took as many breaks as possible and rode as slow as possible while still keeping within the time limit. We managed, barely, to keep within the limit at all controls but felt it prudent to have our control cards signed when we arrived rather than when we left the control. We would have been in trouble if we hadn't had tailwind the whole day.

The route was fantastic with only a few hills that were a little too steep for us. Personally I used to like steep hills when I was young but now in my old age, “too fast” comes much sooner. We all loved going up the hills because it allowed us to chat with each other.

I am very grateful that Lorraine and the volunteers who worked with her supported us so well. Their support was very much appreciated. Lorraine, Alex, Brynne, Deirdre, Dave and Rob gave up many hours during that day. I wish that I had taken more time chatting with them during our brief meetings (but we were constrained by the time limits as mentioned). Maybe next time they can ride with us and I'll bring sandwiches.

By the way this was our menu during the day: Coffee, Coffee, Bananas, brownies, muffins, coffee, sandwich, bananas, coffee, sandwich, taco chips, apple pie, ice cream, sandwichx2. I was completely satiated by the time I was back home.

Lorraine presents Annika her first 200 pin
Photo: Eric Fergusson


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September 27, 2012