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Interior Make-up Brevets: 200 - 300 - 400 - 600
Organizer's Report
by Bob Goodison

"It was hot. Barry Chase thought it would be easy. Barry was wrong".

Last year, with a total of four riders for the make up rides, Susan suggested that it would be simpler to start and finish the routes at our house in Sorrento. Due to an extreme rate of attrition on the spring 600, and riders wanting extra training for the Rocky Mountain 1200, the numbers kept growing until close to 20 riders had indicated an interest in riding. When the dust settled, a total of 16 riders from all regions of the province except Vancouver Island descended on Sorrento on the only hot day so far this year. How hot? Thermometers varied, some reading up to up to 45 degrees, but the general consensus was that it topped out around 40 degrees Celsius. For the second time in two weeks I found myself wearing every garment I had with me. However, unlike on the Cascade, this now consisted of shorts and a Lycra jersey.

At 06:00 the 400 km and 600 km rides started. " Ok. Sigi should be facing East, everybody who isn't Sigi should be facing West. Many riders found themselves dehydrated and sick, having had no time to get used to hot weather riding. Bob Boonstra chose to stop in Clearwater while he still felt good, have a nice relaxing evening and ride back in the cool of the morning, eliminating the section out and back to Blue River. Jeff Mudrakoff and Richard Blair were eventually defeated by the heat, but all others made it through to the finish.

Then came 07:00, and the 200/300 km start. " Cheryl and Nigel facing West, everyone else facing East. The shorter routes made life easier in the heat. Cheryl and Nigel's only problem was that the line for ice cream at Tappen Co-Op was too long to wait for. The new, hastily created flood resistant 300 route was well received, and Johnny's Java in Falkland did great business in ice cream, coffee, and oatmeal bars. Note to RM 1200 riders- Great place to stop between the Salmon Arm and Westwold controls, if you happen to get there before their 5:00 pm closing time. Everyone finished the shorter rides well within the limits. Christine, on her first ever 300 km, was the only rider who did not look completely spent at the finish.

It's been a season of extremes, with the winds on the spring 600, and now the heat on the make up rides, but now we are all toughened up for the Rocky Mountain 1200. I hope.


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July 9, 2012