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Rambling Randonneur Award
Feedback Requested
by Dug Andrusiek

Dear BC Randonneurs,
The club executive is seeking your input in relation to the proposed Rambling Randonneur Award. This is how the award will work. Any club member who completes a brevet in all four regions of the province over a four year period will be eligible for the Rambling Randonneur pin. The four year period will coincide with the PBP cycle. If a Randonneur completes the a brevet in the four regions more than once, they will only be awarded one pin. Region scheduled ACP brevets are eligible.

The regional composition of the BC Randonneur Club has changed over the years. Eligibility for the Rambling Randonneur Award will be reviewed and amended if the regional composition of the club changes.

Please forward any and all feedback to

The 2012 BC Randonneur Executive appreciates your input and feedback.

Dug Andrusiek,
executive member at large


June 20, 2012