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Shorter Southern Rambles Ride Report
Interior 300 km - May 12, 2012
by Doug Fox, organizer

Midday, 31c according to Barry, the first heat of the year on a ride, and 38k and 800 plus meters of up staring us in the face; oh the joy of it all. So began the middle stretch of this year's SI300, which had started in Penticton at 07:00 in the awakening sunshine and about 5c, found it's way to Keremeos, over the rollers to Nighthawk, through the Border, along Palmer lake, through Loomis and over to Tonasket where the above noted delight commenced. After the fun in the sun, the ride made its way over to Chesaw, where more climbing put paid to most of our legs (Ian's excepted I'm sure), before screaming almost 1,000m downhill to Oroville, through the Border at Osoyoos and finishing off with an evening cruise North and home.

The only reported mechanical was a single flat and I’m told that Richard and Bud got to observe a Washington Red Neck up close and personal. Otherwise, there were no incidents with the deer that have overrun OK Falls, although Bud came close I'm told, there was lots of sunshine and heat, lots of up (around 3,000m), and some really fun down, all of which made for a pretty good, but hard, day for all, I think.

14 of us started, 12 finished and 2 came to their senses early.

Well done everyone.


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May 14, 2012