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Will's Vancouver Island 300
by Will Danicek

My second Van Isle randonneur pin.

The first, received last year in March after the Victoria Populaire, is where my "hobby" as a randonneur began. Looking back the 100 km distance was considered extreme. A riding pal and I decided we could ride over from Vancouver in the morning, do the ride, then ride back to Swartz Bay that afternoon. In the days leading up I became hesitant about the distance, that 30 km ride to UVic and back to the ferry might be almost too difficult. So I went over the night before and sought a bunk at a local hostel. What a difference one year makes. A review of the VI200 route looked interesting, and a decision was made to join the event. Loved the tour de Cowichan, but one thing was missing at the ride completion, no pin. I knew there wouldn't be one for me, a 200km pin was already received at the Early Bird in March. Having enjoyed the route and island hospitality of the volunteers, the VI300 The Hills are Alive weekend was free, so another trip the island was decided. A smaller field, but not a lesser amount of support and encouragement from the fine army of volunteers, explains why these events are held in such high regard. The scenery on the 300km was outstanding (we were extremely fortunate in the weather, I read a few past reports of the challenges the elements can conjure) and I was amazed with the number of crybaby hills the route searches for.

As I look at the pins which mark the various rides I have done with the club over the last 12 months, each triggers a memory of pleasure and pain. And that 30km ride to the ferry, only hard now if I dawdle too long at McD's to get a fruit smoothy. But I did get on the 9am boat.


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April 23, 2012