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Getting the Cobwebs Blown Out
Permanent # 82 Report - Hardly a Ramble II
Doug Fox

Well, at least the thermometer was on the plus side and the sun was thinking of getting up as it peeped over the horizon, when Randy Benz and I headed into 115k of hills and heavy headwind on our first 200 of 2012. A rude start to the season. I’m used to the infernal South wind that usually blows with some enthusiasm in these parts over the winter months but Randy’s not from these parts and it was less than a lot of fun as we ground up out of Penticton to Keremeos, over the several rollers to Nighthawk, through the border, by Palmer Lake into Loomis and, finally, over to Hwy 97 and a “thanks god” left turn where we picked up that wonderful South wind for an 85k tailwind spin back to Penticton. Along the way we marveled at Government bureaucracy when we noticed the new customs building going up on the US side as both sides consider closing the crossing completely, and at a small herd of white tails that effortlessly cleared fences and then bounded across the road just in front of us as we approached Palmer Lake. A note for those of you that ride over this way from time to time, the restaurant in the Husky at the corner of Hwys. 97 and 3 still closes at 2PM (at $2.25 for a small cup of coffee, who can be surprised?).


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March 11, 2012