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The ACP Partnership Agreement... etc

Many club members will not be aware that BC Randonneurs operates under a kind of contract with our sport's governing body the Audax Club Parisien (ACP). The new executive thought that it might be interesting to everyone. It's called the "Partnership Agreement", it's a whopping 22 pages long and is now on your web site. The document's home is on the newly reconfigured and subtly repurposed "About BC Randonneurs" page. No link - you have to find it... OK, just kidding, here's the link: Go [PDF].

Notice that there are other changes on that "About BC Randonneurs" page. Some of the key policy web pages and documents linked from this page are now designated "official". The change here is that pages that are marked "official" represent official club policy, and the many pages elsewhere on the web site are not necessarily club policy. There may be some further sorting between the two categories as time goes by. Oh... and notice that the new executive have decided that committee meeting minutes are now public.Link to the "About BC Randonneurs" page: Go.


January 21, 2012