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New Years Day Populaire Report
by Mike Croy

I was extremely happy with how this ride went in all aspects, what a great way to kick off the New Year for the B.C Randonneurs! We had some familiar faces from our regular brevets, some old members coming back to take another kick at the can and some very new faces who I hope to see come back again, but most importantly a good crowd of happy and enthusiastic riders. In our brevet organizing experience we have had all kinds of weather thrown at us and have decided that it’s just so much more pleasant to host events on calm and sunny days than any other way.

A lot was on the line with a with a new start/finish and brand new route. I felt a great sense of pressure going into this event especially while all riders and volunteers were out on course as there were so many “what ifs” to ponder, but aren’t there always? I spent most of the ride hanging out in the parking lot at Kelsey’s with Steven watching for people and trying to allay his fears that someone would steal our control board, as happened in Enderby on RM ‘08 (I guess we’ve mentioned it in his presence enough to make him think it is a real threat).

I was more than ecstatic and relieved to have the first rider blast in and the last rider finish all with big smiles on their faces. The best experience of the day was watching participants and supporters post ride, taking up half of Kelsey’s and reveling in serious bliss, beers and burgers but most importantly good company.

There were positive comments abound with regards to both route and location, perhaps we’ve stumbled upon a new New Year’s tradition. The Kalyniuk family (and the Croys) appreciated being able to sit and relax indoors after all the hard work was done without having to relocate for the minor’s sake.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the ride and helped to make it as much fun for everyone else as possible. A special thanks to the staff at Kelsey’s who were outstanding about accommodating such a decently sized crowd and thanks for opening the patio to act as an impromptu bike parking lot.

Happy New Year and safe riding!


Michael Croy (and the whole Croy clan)

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January 1, 2012