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Coli's Ice
by Harold Bridge

Ben's short Ice ride story brings up the matter of tricycles.
Historically, tricycles are just as valid as bicycles with the added benefit of security under icy conditions.
In I think, 1885,"The Father of the Cycle Industry", James Starley, patented a tricycle that included a differential gear.
As the crown wheel was the sprocket, to change gear required changing the chainring, not very convenient.
One of my Dad's late friends, Frank Thomas; had a very old trike and I inherited it when he died.
1952: We had a very wet day.But that evening the skies cleared, the temperature dropped and everything was ice bound.
I was overjoyed and rode to our regular café where I had the place to myself.
The descent down from the BBC radio station in the dark had me spinning the 66 inch gear quite happily.
Some poor woman who was waiting for a bus was screaming her head off not being able to see my 3 wheels!
The standard tricycle was about 30 inches wide.But that didn't fit in British doorways and I had it cut down to 28 inches width.
But the half shaft broke while I was riding home.Have you ever been passed by your own back wheel?
A truck driver saw me in difficulties and took me to strain station.The ticket clerk only charged me for a bicycle!


December 13, 2011