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Lurker Rides...
An invitation from Kevin Bruce

For anyone who has been lurking in the shadows wondering what Randonneuring is all about, come on out for a Lurker Ride. These are short, easy, slow-paced rides intended for newcomers to the sport of randonneuring.

When: Sundays at 1:00 PM

Where: Meet at Waves Coffee, Commercial & 3rd.

Where to: Nothing terribly challenging at first. The loop around UBC is good; Maybe the Barnet Highway to Port Moody; the Seymour Demonstration Forest; that sort of thing.

How far: We'll do 25 km or 50 km, maybe push it to 75 km after a few weeks, longer still as the brevet season approaches. If the weather's lousy, we'll shorten the ride. As the Spring Series approaches in March, we’ll gradually increase the distances to as much as 100 km.

How fast: Expect average speeds of around 20 kph. No one gets dropped off the back.

What kind of bike: Touring bikes, cyclocross, racing bikes, and even certain mountain bikes are appropriate. If you’re uncertain if your bike is suitable, come on out anyway for more free advice than you'll get from your former-spouse.

With Whom: there’ll be at least one experienced randonneur to lead the ride and answer questions.

Why: Why not?

Both Lurkers and Non-Lurkers welcome.


December 12, 2011