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Event Volunteers Summary 2011
from Ali Holt

There's been some discussion lately about event volunteers. Ali decided to run the numbers. I thought you might like to see what she came up with.

It's not a perfect measure of the volunteer work being done. Bob Goodison pointed out that he was counted 4 times for running the make-up series day (that is kind of one event.) Deirdre observed that valuable work is being done away from events - consider Ross Nichol (treasurer) and Karen Smith (pins and medals) to name just two. Also some events are much bigger job than others.

Still the list shows us that some people are volunteering a lot, and an encouraging number of people are doing there part a least once a year.

The list immediately below is the view of all four regions together. Ali's Excel work file at the bottom of the page contains a regional break down in a second tab. [EF]

Ali's Work File as Spreadsheet

December 4, 2011