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Thank You, Info Letter
from Jim Runkel

Here's a wonderful initiative from Jim Runkel on the Island. See the letter below prefaced by an e mail message Jim sent me to give it some context [EF].


While stopped at Buckely Bay this past summer, getting my card signed, I had a great chat with the lady signing my card. I explained to her all about the card and what we were doing. She stated that for 3 years she has seen us and signed our cards but did not really understand why ...until I took the time to chat with her. I thought then that it might be nice to acknowledge some of the repeat controls we use here on the island. So toward that end, I ask Karen to include in my Volunteer acknowledgements 4 such controls. She sent Volunteer pins for these 4 controls and I have created a thank you letter for each like the one attached. I will be mailing the pins and letters off this week. [Jim]

Jim's Union Bay Letter
(Word doc)

November 29, 2011