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2012 Club Executive

2011 Annual General Meeting
by Eric Fergusson

The AGM Ride and Brunch happened yesterday, Sunday October 2. There was bigger than usual turn over - seven new executive members.

2011 Executive:

Jeff Mudrakoff (President)
Ryan Golbeck (Vice President, Database co-director)
Ross Nichol (Treasurer)
Deirdre Arscott (Secretary)
Bob Goodison (New - Interior Brevets Coordinator)
Lee Ringham (Vancouver Island Brevets coordinator)
Susan Allen (Member at Large)
Dug Andrusiek (New - Member at Large)
Gary Baker (New - Member at Large)
Chris Cullum (New - Member at Large)
Stephen Hinde (New - Member at Large)
Malcolm McAuley (New - Member at Large)
Keith Nichol (Member at Large)
Andy Reimer
(New - Member at Large)

Out Going:

Richard Blair (8 years - Interior Brevets Coordinator)
Barry Chase (2 years)
Eric Fergusson (17 years - Pacific Populaire, Publicity, Web site)
Ali Holt (7 years - Secretary, CanPop, Rocky Mt 1200)
Roger Holt (5 years - Lower Mainland Brevets Coordinator, CanPop, Rocky Mt 1200)
Cheryl Lynch (14 years - Database, ACP correspondent, Club Pres 2011)
Patrick Wright (3 years - Vancouver Island Rep, Flèche Pacifique)

Eric will continue to maintain the web site. Roger and Ali will continue to run the Canada Day Populaire and the Rocky Mountain 1200. Cheryl will continue as ACP correspondent and database co-director. Patrick will organize the Flèche.

Incoming Club President Jeff Mudrakoff had an itsy bitsy crash on the AGM ride and was taken to the Abbotsford Hospital, and so missed the meeting.

Special thanks to Harold Bridge for organizing the AGM... for the 19th consecutive year.


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October 3, 2011