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Message from Réal
by Réal Préfontaine

Réal Préfontaine was a long-time BC Randonneur. He is a 2-time Iron-butt award winner, former club Pres and former President of Randonneurs Mondiaux. He moved to Ottawa in 2004. He sent this message of congratulations to Cheryl Lynch who read it at the AGM.

Congratulations to BC Randonneurs participants of the 2011 PBP.

Using the info from the web page listing “BC – RIDERS – PBP 2011”, I followed the progress of the riders through the various controls. Overall the BC Randonneurs participants did exceptionally well having (according to my calculations) an 89.5% success rate, which if I recall is better than the overall success rate of PBP’s in which I have participated. This being the 7th PBP for Deirdre, is this be the greatest participation by women in all previous PBP’s? It certainly is for a Canadians, female or male. My congratulation Deirdre. Honorable mention is also in order for Manfred, my tandem buddy, and Keith who completed their 6th PBP.


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October 5, 2011