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Peninsula 200
by Jim Runkel

Philip Lennox and I completed our 10 th consecutive month of riding last night
The Penn 200 (RT25) was done in 10h 40 min

Conditions were perfect fall weather, with abundant sunshine and warmer temperatures giving way to a clear night with cooler temperatures. We started at noon on Thursday. We went UP then ACROSS, then DOWN, ACROSS, and DOWN some more. Once all the WAY DOWN we went UP, Across, and UP some more, only to come DOWN, turn around and go UP and then DOWN to the ZIG, ZAG and ZIG some more. A lovely ride, the Peninsula 200 visits the sea side villages of OAK BAY, SIDNEY and BRENTWOOD BAY, and spending wonderful moments in beautiful SAANICH...this is the Peninsula 200 in a nutshell!


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September 30, 2011