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New Overpass and Tynehead Park
from Alex Pope

Alex can be counted on to be on hand for cycling related openings. And he specializes in bridges and overpasses. He found both on Saturday July 16 in North Surrey. The new overpass over Highway 1 is a beautiful structure with plenty of room for bikes and pedestrians. I'm not sure it will be that useful for randonneur route planning, but it's another option for us.

The day saw the opening of Tynehead Perimeter Trail, a newly-paved, wide, bike-friendly circle path around a scenic park. On hand for the opening was Surrey city councilor, and long time BC Randonneur Bob Bose, far right in the photo below. And here's the link to Alex's blog entry. (EF)

Bob Bose at the "ribbon cutting".
Photos: Alex Pope

July 19, 2011