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Paul Lahti and Jacques Bilinski enjoying the climbs
Photo: Lindsay Martin

Spring 300 Report
Vancouver Island Spring 300: "The Hills Are Alive"
by Lindsay Martin

Ten riders departed Victoria in cool, clear conditions that warmed to about 15 degrees C by the time the hills began in earnest. All riders seemed to be enjoying the climb up Munn Road at 100 km. By the end of the ride however, most seemed to have lost their enthusiasm after 3100 metres of elevation gain. Luis Berhardt found it necessary to flip his back wheel from a 16 to 17 tooth cog to tackle the Humpback into Sooke. All participants arrived at the finish tired but happy. There was some muttering about the necessity of including the Gillespie and Rocky Point Road hills in the last 60 km of the route. It was great to see Mark Ford back in the saddle after his accident last year.


Ride date: April 23
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April 24, 2011