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A River Runs Through it
Interior 200 Organizer's Report

by Bob Goodison

The Interior spring 200 is now history. The route, "A River Runs Through It', was originally developed for the 2010 make up rides but there were no entries for that distance, so I decided to use it for our spring opener. The weatherman delivered a beautiful sunny day as promised. Temperatures around the freezing mark at the start warmed up to a reported 25 degrees in the afternoon at the Chase control. The big white dog that chased me on the pre-ride was contained, so nobody had to do the doggie induced sprint. Riders generally liked the route, which had just over 1000 m of climbing (based on the average of three altimeters). Some commented on a need for a larger font on the route sheet, which I will try to do in the future. A few bonus kms were added due to missed turns. An afternoon headwind from Kamloops to Chase paid off with a tailwind for the last 40 km, Some riders - including the first three finishers - lost a few minutes due to a forced rest stop when they just missed the McLure ferry, but with only a five minute crossing time it was not much of a problem, and gave riders a chance to re-group. Ian Fillinger was well on his way to another very fast time, but unfortunately dnf'ed at 89 km with a shredded tire. Shawn Wenger's time of 6:50 may be a female club 200 record. Ray Perrault rode his first brevet since the mid eighties, and enjoyed himself enough that I think he may not wait so long next time. This same route will probably be offered again as the 200 km make up ride in July.


Ride date: April 23
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April 24, 2011