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Hardly a Ramble
Permanent #82 Report
by Doug Fox

Partly sunny skies and a temperature of about 1c greeted Randy Benz and I as we kitted up and headed out for some fun in the sun. We quickly warmed up on the climb to Yellow Lake, arriving earlier than the ice fishers, and even more quickly cooled down on the descent into Keremeos. A favourable breeze made the rollers heading for Osoyoos easier than they usually are in that direction and the turn for the Border crossing soon arrived along with both better sun and temperature. The ramble along Palmer lake to Loomis and the cruise over to Highway 97 was downright pleasant, with gloves off and jacket open. After a 10 min break to chow down an unusually good pre-packaged sandwich, we headed North into a less than disheartening headwind and eventually turned up at the return Border crossing. 10 minutes later we were having coffee at the Husky in Osoyoos, which cost an outrageous $4.50; I’ve been stopping there for years on rides but that may put and end to that. Off again after 15 minutes or so, we cruised N thru Oliver, OK Falls and along Eastside Road just as the cool evening air was beginning to bite; Tim Horton’s was a welcome sight, 9h 45min into the ride, and another coffee, with some soup, made for a good end to a fun day.

An nice early season ride which avoids a lot of climbing by sticking to main roads which, at this time of the year, are sparsely travelled by the auto going bunch, although we still managed to be found by a couple of idiots in pickups, as usual. Give me strength.

Ride date: March 6, 2011
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March 7, 2011