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Happy Elephant
Permanent #74 Report

Ryan Golbeck

Started this one early, 6am because I had plans in the evening, and it turned out to work pretty well for me because the weather was great all day. Warm and dry, and it only started spitting rain for the last 10 or 15 km. But both Blenz and the Hilltop Cafe / Convenience Store in Tsawwassen were closed.


Strong headwind from the south the whole day, though. And some navigation problems slowed me down a bit. I think I'd prefer going up that climb around 112 St than the bike path along the water which was pretty sketchy in parts because of torn up mud or dirt.

The only construction problems I had was at 57b st on the way North from Tsawwassen, where the road is entirely blocked due to work around the tracks, but I think I only paid a few bonus kms for that one. There was a detour sign on 232 St that its closed at the 3100 block, but this is easily passable by bike.

Great route though!

My GPS track:

Ride date: January 15, 2011
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January 16, 2011