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Here are some words and photos from Peace Region/Fort St John brevet coordinator Wim Kok, as he checked in after the Peace Region Populaires. Spring has a different feel where Wim lives.

The roads are clear north of Fort St. John. Still a bit of snow on shoulder.

Peace Populaires
50 km April 3, 100 km April 4
by Wim Kok

Well, I have come of hibernation, at least trying to. Winter is still here, but the roads are clean now. Two populaires this weekend.

Saturday April 3  Wim Kok  50 km  1:57  Temp +1 C, Wind ESE 17kph
Sunday   April 4  Wim Kok 100 km  4:03  Temp  0 to +5C, Wind SE 9kph

Here is a picture of one of two moose that were crossing the road. I stopped to let them do that, took a picture and continued.



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April 6, 2009