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Burnaby - Maple Falls (Permanent 28)
by Ryan Golbeck

Three riders showed up at the start. Jacques, Jerome and myself. Unfortunately, Jack [Sharkey] didn't feel up to the ride because of a stomache flu. He did however both see us off at the beginning, and meet all three of us at the end of the ride at Starbucks on Holdom and Lougheed.

The weather was good for the entire ride, although started foggy. My beard and jersey developed a layer of moisture riding through it. We had some problems before the border with Jerome having some saddle height issues, and then Jacques having problems with a new chain.

The border crossing was smooth on the way out, this was my first ride across the border, and Jerome led us to the base of Reese Hill. It didn't take long to warm up climbing toward Maple Falls, where I started quickly cooling down again when we stopped for a brief lunch. Silver Lake road out of Maple Falls had gorgeous scenery, especially around Silver Lake. And, as promised by the route sheet, Reese Hill was fun in the other direction.

The border crossing back into Canada was just as smooth as leaving. And the only real routing problems we had we encountered leaving Abbotsford as we were looking for Hazel St. Jacques and I made it together to the second control at Tim Hortons in Mission. But we parted when Jacques sent me on my way after getting a flat tire just before Maple Ridge.

I finished the ride at 5:20pm and was greeted by Jack who had been waiting at Starbucks for just 20 minutes. Jack reported Jacques and Jerome were to meet up later after Jacques had some other problems before Pitt Meadows and finished just after 6.

Ride date: November 16, 2008
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November 19, 2008