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The Tail Wagging the Dog
by Harold Bridge

For someone like me who tends to suffer inertia when it comes to getting started on something
(another way of saying I'm lazy), C-KAP is a benefit.
However it can create a "TTWTD" situation!
As a result in April I had a week in hospital after trying to ignore that unusually cold March weather.
This year's chart shows some months were not very bike intensive & I took a laid back attitude to the Chart.
But in October I saw a possibility of a 10,000km year as a step down from the earlier planned 12,000.
Today, Nov 30, I did 83 kms in steadily improving weather for the biggest month of 2008, so far: 1479kms
A month for the needed 829kms? It is still weather dependent.
What's the opposite of a Rain Dance?


[The answer to Harold's question is, of course, the "sundance". Karen Smith has been doing her version of the sundance for years on the eve of brevets and flèches... it doesn't always work. EF.]

December 1, 2008