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Galloping Goose Offroad Populaire Sunday, September 1

Mike Poplawski


Seven riders took part in this year's edition on the Labour Day weekend, with a surprising six of seven riders choosing the 100 km option and its urban sights, and one rider taking the almost entirely off-road route. Both routes are the same up to the 75 km mark.

The conditions were perfect, with a cool start before the sun warmed up a very dry trail.

My favourite moment of the ride was when a crisp red and orange maple leaf descended from the canopy and glanced off the Gordon's helmet, Andrea's shoulder and then against my bike before coming to rest on the ground. Beautiful stuff!

In the future, this ride will take place after the Labour Day weekend to allow more riders to take part, and the trail will be all the more colourful.

Thanks to the riders and control volunteer Carol Hinde for making this a great ride. See you in 2003!