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Annual General Meeting - 2002, September 29

Harold Bridge


I had planned to notify the Bedford House Restaurant "How Many?" on Wednesday, 25th. However, on the evening of Tuesday 24th I received a phone call from them saying the Chef was anxious to know the number to prepare for.

At that point I had a list 59 long, so I said; "About 60". On Wednesday I upped that to 62 and on Friday I increased the number again to 65. Sunday morning I asked them to revise the number to "70". In the end 58 turned up!

There were those who had relied on my ageing brain to remember they had told me they were coming, (I have a very good memory of 40 years ago, not necessarily of 40 minutes ago!). There were those who turned up believing I had been notified, but the e-mail never arrived (or did I delete it somehow?) and a couple who planned to book but forgot to until Saturday evening! Then there were eleven who were sick, busy or plain forgetful. One poor guy was making amends for forgetting his wedding anniversary!

The star turn of the event was the retiring Treasurer, Roger Street, when he announced that the Club had had a good year and the whole deal was "ON THE CLUB". That after I had taken the precaution of turning up with a big bunch of fives too! (Try collecting $15 off people without change available) The $5 bills weren't needed.

After a week of glorious autumn weather the forecast for rain on the Sunday was a disappointment and contrary to our history of normally good weather for the "AGM Social Rides". As I had promoted the idea of turning the main ride route of 54 km into a "50" brevet for some who were in line for a "500" medal I was stuck with looking after the event and didn't bother to take a bike with me.

We set the four of them, Jack Sharkey, Robert Irvine, Brad and Loraine Kless Proctor, on their way at 09:00. I dashed over to Derby Reach to sign their cards on the western loop before heading over to Glen Valley to make sure they came down Graham Crescent and turned east off Lefeuvre onto Marsh McCormack and not short cut the route. No one thinks they would cheat, but without controls there is no proof they didn't. "Not only must justice be done, it must be seen to be done".

In the meantime, the retiring President, Ian Stephen, graciously agreed to help out by handing out the route sheet/map to the people turning up between 09:30 and 10:00 for the social rides.

Although the skies looked ready to dump rain on us, it almost didn't happen. I felt one or two spots and was actually driving home before there was any amount of rain, and then it wasn't much. Our luck held for another year.

The BC Randonneurs' Cycling Club seems to have automatic transmission, power brakes and power steering; it is so easy to drive. As a result, Ian's telephone canvassing had quickly dug up a new executive who were applauded with enthusiasm. (relief?) and we thanked the retiring executive; Ian Stephen, Roger Street and Larry Wasik.

Roger Street issued every member a financial sheet to show the comfortable situation he was handing over.

Awards secretary Karen Smith flew around the room delivering pins while the new VP checked off the list. Karen's task was made somewhat bigger by the fact there were 104 volunteers who all had the appropriate pins to receive in person or by proxy.

Data Base Manager Cheryl Lynch read off an impressive list of statistics in which the name of Bonner seemed to figure prominently. Hopefully Madam Editor can get that information from Cheryl and insert it in here? (Editor Note: will publish when final statistics are available).

As we have come to expect, the Bedford House staff looked after us pretty well and the food is always enjoyed. The "West Wing" seems to serve our purposes much better than the "East Wing" that we have used for the last several years.

I don't remember using the West Wing since 1987. Yes, our association with the Bedford House goes back aways. We have on a few occasions strayed elsewhere but I think we know where we are well off.

The new Executive is:

* President: Frances Caton
* Vice President: Michel Richard
* Treasurer; Wayne Harrington
* Secretary: Eric Fergusson