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Tour of Greater Victoria

Michael Poplawski


200 km brevet
Saturday, August 3
2002 Tour of Greater Victoria
Weather: Overcast and warm – i.e. perfect riding weather

The intricate route tested the riders, with its many cues especially during the mid-ride urban interlude (with all its cues, I call this route my "Dutch" brevet). The riders all passed the secret controls with flying colours. There is no truth to the rumour that next year's route will have checkpoints at all 19 changes in district, city or municipality along the route!

Our first duos on the route were Ken Bonner and Sylvan Smyth; Ken was fresh off the Rocky Mountain 1200 the previous weekend, and Sylvan is a fresh new BC Randonneurs member--his first brevet, in fact. Ken and Sylvan made excellent time during the day on their way to establishing a record for the course in a brisk 7 hours and 46 minutes. Perhaps they were motivated by their social lives – Ken had his anniversary to celebrate and Sylvan had a dance to go to in the evening. Full days for those two!

Our other duo on the road were Rob Hodder and Don Munro, who got more riding time for their money but turned in very respectable finishing times of 10:08 and 10:24, respectively. Rob is on his way to earning a Randonneur 500 medal for his first season of riding, and I believe this was his first brevet. I believe Don earned his Randonneur 1000 medal on this ride, if he hadn't reached the milestone already.

Congratulations to everyone, especially to the 200 km virgins – welcome to the club!

Ken Bonner Victoria 7:46 (course record)
Sylvan Smyth Victoria 7:46 (course record)
Rob Hodder Victoria 10:08
Don Munro Duncan 10:24

Pia Grönqvist – Start, Sidney, Wilkinson Plaza, secret controls, Finish
Stephen Hinde – Wilkinson Plaza, Sooke, secret controls, Finish
Sam Macey – Wilkinso Plaza
Linda Saunders – Cadboro Bay